You are what you wear!

Wearable technology now covers a broad range of devices. With the human race getting busier and looking for technology that keeps them focused, fit and in touch, this rapidly expanding market is becoming ever more attractive to the business community.

There are of course many other benefits including healthcare. Physicians are prescribing a whole raft of new technology to monitor the health and wellbeing of patients, especially with adverse sleep patterns or commonly heart conditions – even detecting the signs or early diagnosis of life threatening diseases.

With the ability to monitor from remote locations, technology is playing its part in all walks of life, and the human race are now becoming heavily reliant on an ever growing and evolving part of the technological race to fulfil the needs of living and working in a modern age, which in turn provides its own battle in maintaining the ethics of privacy through advanced encryption.

Morgan Stanley have predicted a market penetration of wearable devices to be valued at $1.6 trillion and further predictions to become the fastest growing sector in technology.

In the consumer world the Fitbit, Apple’s watch and the numerous other alternatives are now becoming hugely popular, and typically this technology is going to be demonstrating its worth more and more in the business community. Certainly in the case of wearable watches and numerous applications, we are going to see a transfer of handheld devices permanently stuck to the side of people’s faces towards a more traditional lift of the arm, but rather unusual sight of people talking to their wrists. However, slightly less disconcerting that the chap walking towards you with hidden ear phones talking to himself.

The more unusual devices coming to the market are gloves that make beautiful music through gesture control or the Avegant Glyph that provides wearable glasses that bring entertainment directly to our eyes – yes that ‘old tech’ virtual reality getting even more sophisticated.

What’s next, well your guess is as good as ours, but we are hoping that self-tying shoe laces or shirts and ties that do themselves up are on the agenda!

Seriously, who really knows, but what an exciting technological period we live in, and I am sure we will be continually amazed by the new and innovative inventions that come our way in the future.

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