Hardware Supply


Working with all the major manufacturers we supply Servers, Storage, PCs, Laptops, Printers, Scanners and all other periphery IT equipment. Our expertise means we can advise on the best technology solutions for your organisation


Over 20 years procuring and supporting technology for Blue Chip clients in the UK and overseas. Our knowledge base is exceptional and we proactively help our clients stay ahead of the curve, improving productivity and communications efficiency


Our service doesn't just stop at the procurement stage following the delivery of your equipment. If you need installation and ongoing support, we can provide a full and comprehensive solution for your information technology needs


We don't compromise!

At 7TECH our purchasing power allows us to look beyond the expectations of our clients when purchasing hardware. Using our highly skilled team to source and purchase hardware for your company means there is no compromise on the quality of equipmnet to fit within your budget. WE WORK WITH ALL TIER ONE MANUFACTURERS, AND CAN secure cost effective solutions to SUPPLY EQUIPMENT FROM MOST OF THE MARKETS VENDORS. below are just a few of the vendors we work with...


we have no preferential or biase towards manufacturers when it comes to hardware procurement. With technology and quality of products evolving continually, choosing your hardware solutions can be an up to the minute decision based on the deal and what is appropriate to fulfil your infrastructure needs.  We look purely and simply at the best value and therefore the best deal for our clients.


If you are looking to make significant upgrades to your hardware infrastructure and need knowledgeable and practical advice on how to implement this spend, allow the 7TECH team to be part of this process. Simply click the link and fill out the enquiry form and one of our experts will come back to you.

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