Air Conditioning & Temperature Control

From data centre cooling to traditional office air conditioning, 7Tech can provide your business with a range of air cooling and conditioning solutions.


Air Conditioning for the office environment

The need for air conditioning has increased over the years, purely down to the increase volumes of computer equipment being used in an office environment. Computers generate a lot of heat, so air-conditioning not only needs to be efficient, a design plan should be created to maximise efficiency as well as maintaining a comfortable working environment for staff members.

"Research has shown that a consistent and comfortable
air temperature has a positive effect on productivity."

One of the main considerations when installing air conditioning is energy efficiency. Air conditioning which very often can provide a duel purpose heating requirement can increase in some cases energy usage and carbon emissions by up to 100%, so researching the best energy efficient air conditioning solution will save money in the long term, and this is something we focus on heavily when recommending a solution for our clients.

Maintaining energy efficiency

When we install an air cooling/conditioning system, we also provide practical advice on how to utilise the system effectively. This would include:

  • Making sure the air conditioning doesn’t operate below 24 degrees
  • Making sure you don’t have heating and cooling systems competing with each other
  • Don’t produce more cooling than you actually need
  • Variable speed drives can vary the output of your system to meet the needs of the office environment throughout the day, saving money and energy
  • Free cooling coils use the air outside as the source for air conditioning (if it is cool enough), and this saves money as it requires less energy to produce the cooling requirement for the air conditioning system


Keeping the server room cool!

One of the key components of any businesses is its server room. The data held in this location is vital, and maintaining the temperature of this location is essential. Servers are powerful pieces of equipment, and although they very often have internal cooling fans, the accumulation of heat could have disastrous consequences for a business.

One of the areas of focus for 7TECH is making sure our clients have considered this as part of their business continuity plan.

We can provide the experience and advice to our clients, enabling them to make an informed choice on the technology available, and the best solution to maintain a constant temperature within their server room or data centre.

For all Air Conditioning requirements talk to our knowledgeable team and we can advise you on the best solution for your business!