MIST Contact Tracing & BT11 Access Point

MIST is a leading edge Wi-Fi system that provides contact tracing capabilities via A.I. and patented low energy Bluetooth Technology, and provides a unique and powerful solution for promoting personnel and guest safety as part of your comprehensive business continuity plan.

MIST location services can provide the following solutions, reducing risk for the workshop by providing a platform that enables the following:

Journey Mapping: View traffic patterns and dwell times for individuals who have self-reported testing positive for COVIS-19, from the moment they came onsite to their departure, from 24 hours to 2 weeks or more.

Proximity Tracing: Once the user journey has been mapped for the individual who has sold-reported, the next step is to get information on what other devices were the areas frequented by the impacted person. Both of the above are enabled be leveraging location for the connected Wi-Fi devices, associates wearing BLE badges, or running their associate productivity app on their devices that has been location enabled.

Hot Zone Alerting: Alert you employee health, safety, and security team of congested areas with real-time, location-based alerting so that they can disperse crowds to minimise transmission risk, based on passive BLE/passive Wi-Fi signals. or the more deterministic people-counting capabilities with BLE badges.

The MIST Solution consists of the following elements:

  • Access Points
  • MIST Clouds Services
  • Ecosystem

User safety is key in business continuity planning, MIST can play a major role in reducing the risk to employees, tenants, pupils, guests and visitors in your workspace, as well as providing an incredible Wi-Fi user experience.

BT11 Access Point - Enterprise-grade Bluetooth® LE

MIST built the first AI-driven wireless platform, designed specifically for the Smart Device Era. Mist’s Learning Wireless LAN makes Wi-Fi predictable, reliable and measurable by providing unprecedented visibility into the user experience and by replacing time consuming manual IT tasks with proactive automation. In addition, Mist is the first vendor to bring Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and IoT together to deliver personalized, location-based wireless services without requiring battery-powered beacons.


The MIST Cloud: All wireless deployment, setup, operations, and insight are handled via the MIST Cloud, which was designed to provide unprecedented visibility and control at web scale. A microservices architecture provides maximum agility when rolling out new features/services.

The MIST AP Family: The AP21, AP41, and AP61 are high performance, enterprise-grade Access Points for 802.11ac Wave 2 Gigabit Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy. The MIST BT11 (detailed here), is an enterprise-grade Access Point exclusively for Bluetooth Low Energy.

MIST uses patented technology and Machine Learning to ensure the highest location accuracy with ease of deployment and scale.

Let’s Get Virtual

Patented virtual Bluetooth® LE (vBLE) technology lets you deploy and move virtual beacons with the simple click of a mouse (or via APIs), eliminating the need for physical beacons.