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Considering an Upgrade Soon? Reasons Why This Is A Better Option Systems Support….

So, it’s that time again when you are thinking about upgrading or need continued support post manufacturers warranty. However, acquiring the right support at the right price can be time consuming and not always value for money. We have an alternative and opportunity for you.. What is your current systems support situation? The manufacturers support on your equipment…
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Best practices for Application Migration!

In the modern era, companies are faced with many IT challenges in their business environments. Legacy, outdated information technology systems and changing business processes are among these major challenges as companies address legacy system inflexibility, agility, lack of scalability, lack of wider data access, shortage of skills, high cost of maintenance and unreliability. Add this…
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Making sure your Business Technology Governance is up to scratch!

In the past technology has been controlled by IT departments, but changes in recent times have seen an increasing use of new technology which is not so easy to control. Mobile, Social, Cloud, Analytical Tools and Process Management or CRM software are very often controlled by third parties, which means there is a greater need…
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