Document Management Systems

Lose the paper and invest in a sophisticated Document Management System


We have found that cutting corners where technology is concerned, becomes detrimental to the businesses IT performance in the future, and very often the cost spirals because consideration or forward planning wasn’t part of the initial process when installing cabling.

Our experience spans the commercial, public and voluntary sectors, and all systems are tested and certified to the recommended and required standards.


"Finding the system that suits
your business, don't settle for second best!"

With cloud technology now becoming increasingly accessible due to faster broadband speeds, the internet has opened up a multitude of document management choices.

It is not about the system with the most features, it’s about finding the solution that is the most applicable to current and future needs.

A good document management systems should be…

  • Able to manage paper based and electronic documents, and efficiency index scanned documents making them easily searchable
  • Able to print, fax and email documents effectively
  • Using the documents easily within your chosen application
  • Simple to understand and teach your team how to use
  • Scalable – planning for future growth is a must, and activating/deactivating users should be a simple process for the administrator
  • Have a maintenance programme attached to your purchase. This should form an important part of your decision when choosing a Document Management System
  • Have free version upgrades as part of the package for at least a 3-6 month period after installation



With many choices available for document management, the experienced team at 7TECH can provide practical advice on what is best for your company, and its future growth.