Visitor Management Systems

Site access and safeguarding systems are becoming commonplace in large office buildings, and 7TECH have been instrumental in advising on installations of this important technology to cater for staff and large volumes of visitors.

The systems we promote utilise clever touch screen technology with a full proof visitor management system allowing quick and easy access for visitors, and an effective safeguarding mechanism to protect staff and visitors should there be a need for emergency evacuation.

With the use of applications on a smart phone or tablet visitors and staff can be easily managed using bar code swipe technology, therefore reducing risk and providing management of footfall in and out of the building.


The systems we recommend have the following features:

  • Easy to use Reception Console which allows admin staff full access to search, print reports and manage the system
  • Staff Management & Time Cards allows staff to sign-in/out easily be either touching their picture or swiping their badge. Also allows staff time cards to be produced.
  • Ability to pre-book visitors into the building. Visitors can then show their booking on a smart phone with a bar code which can be swiped or scanned
  • The cost to run this type of system is low in comparison to traditional paper based processes
  • Vehicle permits can also be produced
  • Health & Safety regulatory information can be displayed for visitors
  • Staff notification for visitors on either email or SMS
  • Fire Roll Call which can be printed off or accessed via the web
  • Most systems come with multiple language packs for overseas visitors and staff.

"The very best systems provide a cost effective solution for companies to manage migration in and out of their premises, and utilise the latest technology as part of the process."


Multi-Tenanted Solutions

The systems we have advised on in the past have also been for buildings that require management of multi-tenanted offices. The pre-booking facility saves valuable time with high volumes of visitors, and the intelligent sign-in screen differentiates between companies, sending email or SMS notifications to their office.

Un-manned Receptions

The email notification features are perfect for visitor self-sign in, which means unmanned receptions can be adopted for companies looking to save staffing costs. Photographing of visitors is also an option for our systems, and this helps the process of identification for staff and new visitors.

H&S compliance

Large buildings or organisations need to make sure visitors are aware of the Health & Safety implications of entering a building, and systems allow for a tick box process whereby visitors can accept the rules and regulations for entering the premises.

Online fire evaculation

One of the key components of any visitor entry system is its ability to safeguard the occupants, and minimise where possible the risk where fire is concerned. The system will allow for online fire evacuation lists, recorded on the system and accessed via a standard 3G network on an iPad or iPhone type of device. A scan unit can be adopted to scan all visitor cards to make sure all staff and visitors have left the building in the event of a fire.