7TECH can help businesses to create, enhance or run cutting edge virtualisation solutions for either server or desktop virtualisation projects – or a combination of the two. Working with a wide range of suppliers, including EMC, Citrix, VMWare, Hitachi and RedHat, we can offer the right virtualisation solution for your business.

In partnership with Tintri, we can also provide a robust data storage system that is virtualisation compatible – cutting the storage, energy requirements, and management time required to run such systems.

Flexibility and resilience

Choosing the right virtualisation solution enables you to consolidate the amount of physical servers within your business whilst offering a flexible, resilient and stable network infrastructure. This can potentially reduce ongoing IT costs associated with hardware support, and meeting with the needs or your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) statement with a reduction in carbon footprint.

Virtualisation allows people, processes and technology to work together more efficiently and meet the demands and increased service levels of businesses. It can also simplify your IT infrastructure.

We believe that virtualisation demonstrates changing attitudes in information technology. To find out more about this new attitude to IT, and how your business can take advantage of a Virtualisation IT Infrastructure, contact our team at 7TECH for more advice.