Wireless Networking

The virtues of Wireless Networking

Wireless networks are becoming common place in businesses as the workplace changes, making it easier for staff to hot desk, providing visitor access to the internet and avoiding the need for a mass of additional cables around the office.

Our wireless networking solutions can provide safe and secure access to your server and the internet, as well as open or password protected access for visitors or consultants to the internet and selected services.

Wired or Wireless?

Undoubtedly we have seen an almost revolutionary migration towards wireless office environments, and 802.11x wireless networking is an incredibly effective method of implementing a network within a typical office environment. It provides flexibility, hot desking, less cables, less installation, easier to add a new computer to the network, and generally a more advanced method of installing an effective IT infrastructure into an office or building.

The key consideration of course is security, and there are numerous solutions available to make sure your wireless environment is protected.

7TECH provide practical advice on wireless based solutions for business that need to cover a large areas and buildings with multiple floors. We can help you to achieve a positive and flexible working environment for your team. Call us today to find out more!