Financing Equipment

Explore the flexibility and benefits of IT finance solutions to help you acquire the IT equipment your business needs – including dedicated business loans, leases and hire purchase product which are tailored for buying your technology equipment.



IT finance for your business: The benefits

When you fund your business IT equipment with Syscap, the UK’s leading independent finance provider, you work with the most innovative, customer-focused specialists in the industry. You will also benefit from the considerable business advantages associated with flexible financing. Being independent means we have consistently delivered the strongest underwriting support in the business, so we are well placed to finance any type and any size of IT equipment. Benefits of financing IT equipment with Syscap include

Funding your IT equipment has never been easier with the UK's leading independent finance provider, who are one fo the most innovative and customer focused equipment finance specialists in the industry. As an independent company your finance devlivers the strongest underwriting support, and able to finance any type and size of IT equipment.

Financing has many benefits including:


Making equal monthly payments over the duration of the business financing loan or lease agreement, enables you to spread payments over the useful life of your equipment, with no need to find capital up-front. You can generate instant return on your investment and improve cash flow to get on growing your business.

Tax savings

Monthly repayments for IT equipment loans, leases and hire purchase products qualify as a trading expense and are therefore are tax-deductible.

Easy upgrades

You can upgrade or expand your IT equipment when required with a Systems Change Option, often without an increase in monthly payments.

Software financing

We will also finance your technology as well as IT equipment, whether it is software, telecom systems, point-of-sale equipment, IT support, training and other intangible assets – which is something which few finance providers offer.

Unaffected bank lines

Our finance solutions have no effect on your other borrowing options

No need for security

Most of our IT finance solutions do not require you to pledge personal or company assets as security – the equipment itself is its own source of security.

A straightforward solution

Financing with one of our bespoke business asset loans, leases or hire purchase products is easy. Once you have submitted your proposal, we look to respond within 24 hours.

Freedom to choose

You can choose a combination of technologies and avoid being tied in to any one supplier.

Types of IT finance solutions

We support your technology requirements through a variety of arrangements, including business asset loans, leasing or hire purchase agreements.

IT Loans: Commercial asset loans for purchasing company technology can be secured wholly or largely against the IT equipment being financed, so the need for additional security is much reduced. This provides your company more security because the asset loan cannot be recalled during the life of the agreement. IT finance solutions offer ultimate flexibility because your business has the option to replace or update IT systems at the end of the lease period.

IT Leasing: There are two main types of lease used for IT finance:

  • A finance lease transfers all the rights and obligations of ownership to the lessee and can be for any length of time, but at the end of the asset lease the lessee will have paid at least 90% of the fair value, or market value, of the asset through an agreed schedule of repayments. The business will be responsible for maintaining and insuring the leased IT equipment and it must be shown on the balance sheet as a capital item. Capital allowances can be claimed for leases over seven years long, and in some cases five.
  • An operating lease or contract hire is appropriate if the business will not need the equipment for its entire working life. The leasing company will take it back at the end of the lease and is responsible for maintenance
  • Hire purchase spreads the impact of financing technology with fixed monthly payments over an agreed period – and at the end of the term, you own the asset outright.