Why are tablets getting bigger?

To some it may seem obvious, and of course we all have a bit of an obsession with bigger screens and higher definition graphics, you only have to look at that new flat screen centre piece in our living rooms to understand that part of the equation, but in a business environment carrying that heavy laptop around saw the intervention of notebooks, and Apple introducing ever smaller and thinner laptop computers under the ‘Air’ brand.

The business application is very simple, and that is the advancement of the application based technology, and its ability to deliver traditional software solutions in the form of an application, allowing us to use large screen tablets as a light weight convenient replacement for the laptop. The fold out blue tooth keyboards, and Apples new iPad Pro utilising its new smart keyboard is now fuelling the revolution in ever increasing tablet screen sizes. Mobile phones have been increasing in size, so why not the good old traditional tablet.

It is quite common place now to be in conversation with a friend or colleague who is looking to replace their tired old laptop with the latest in large screen tablet technology, and this phase of development we believe is set to continue. How big can you go!


The PC’s future is so bright you gotta wear shades.

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