Why 7TECH? We asked our clients for their thoughts!

7TECH will be celebrating its 10th birthday in the new year, and was originally formed by myself (Jules) and Kelly based on both of us having spent 20 years in the technology supply sector. Since its formation, the company has grown an enviable client base, working with many business sectors including manufacturing, insurance, banking, voluntary, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, security and risk management to name a few.

This diverse portfolio of clients and their needs has naturally developed 7TECH into a company that can provide answers or solutions to the simple or most complex of tasks, and demonstrates the companies wide ranging knowledge and ability to source cost effective IT equipment and solutions for its clients.

To put our services into context we undertook a survey with some of our clients to really find out why our clients use us, but also have continued to use 7TECH for many years. Many of our client relationships were established before 7TECH was formed nearly 10 years ago. We asked our clients to answer some simple questions and give examples, and the feedback was very revealing and complimentary, and something myself and Kelly are both very proud of. Here are some examples….

Question asked: How do you rate your relationship with 7TECH in comparison to other IT resellers/suppliers?
"Most of the larger suppliers consider you as a customer number, rather than an actual human being that needs advice and guidance. Our relationship with 7TECH is much more personable, and Jules will take time with me to find the best solutions, rather than what they can sell that fits their current stock levels."

"I seem to spend forever looking up part numbers, but with 7TECH it isn’t the first question I get asked, they just ask what is it for, and I leave it with them. So much easier and quicker to deal with 7TECH. They often come back with something better as well."

Question asked: Regarding the IT products and equipment 7TECH supplies, how do you rate it by value and performance?
"Everyone tries to sell you the brands they stock, but 7TECH always mention they have no allegiance to a particular brand of technology, and look at the best solution for us. With technology moving fast, I like that a lot, up to the minute best solutions!"

Question asked: What makes 7TECH different from other IT resellers/suppliers?
"Jules is an extension to our IT team. His knowledge of our buildings is nearly as good as ours, so he has a really good understanding of what is needed. Saves us a lot of hassle and time!"

"We have been using 7TECH for years, which is proof of how good you are. Cannot recommend you guys high enough, and lost count of the times you have gone beyond our expectations."

Question asked: What do you find most useful about our service?
"When it gets busy here I can just hand it over to you guys, and I know it gets done."

Question asked: How flexible do you find our service?
"7TECH are versatile. Although they have supplied a great deal of our IT infrastructure, if I just need some cables or switches urgently, I know I can rely on 7TECH to deliver."

Question asked: How do you rate 7TECH’s IT support (MaintenancePro).
"7TECHs MaintenancePro support is superb. Our previous support service wasn’t a patch on the service we get now."

Question asked: Why do you buy direct from 7TECH as a reseller of technology, rather than going direct to the manufacturer.
"We have in the past bought IT equipment direct with the manufacturer, but in reality why would I when I know you guys do that for me and seem to get a better deal than I do. Also I really don’t want or have the time to talk to a typical service desk operative who seems to have little IT knowledge and sounds rather disinterested. That is the biggest bonus, speaking to someone who actually understands and cares!"

I think the feedback very much demonstrates that we like to build relationships that provide that personal approach, and really get to know the client’s IT infrastructure, which can be a big time saver for the client. If a client wants a few replacement cables, or a brand new server room set up, we can always help, and our orders and projects can range from just a few pounds, or 10s of thousands installing that new server room.

Clients always like the fact we can project manage and have a broad knowledge, so we can advise on other installations like door entry systems, advice on software or indeed kitting out their teams that work remotely. I suspect we are seen as a one stop shop for technology and advice, and of course we are a technology procurement company first and foremost.

So why would a business benefit from using us?

I think there were a number of important reasons that were highlighted, however to pick out a few very key reasons would be our personable approach, wide technology knowledge, the trust clients have in our team, our ability to get the best deal and solution, but also the fact we treat our clients as we would expect to be treated ourselves. When a client is under pressure, and needs new equipment or a better solution, we have the time to make sure that is exactly what the client receives.

Jules, Kelly and the team would very much like to thank our clients who participated in our survey, and for their very kind and helpful feedback!

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