The PC’s future is so bright you gotta wear shades

The PC may be deemed archaic and boring given the introduction of smart technology, but inevitably they will get lighter, faster and more powerful – well no change there!

If you consider everything that goes into making a PC better, there is a lot going on, and PC enhancements being introduced that will transform this trusted iconic technology. In truth the old processors and chipsets are getting more and more sophisticated and we will see a metamorphosis of smart and traditional PC technology taking place. Essentially, it already is, and we are now rapidly replacing our laptops with tablets, or our laptops are resembling tablets with their detachable screens. Tablet hybrids is a term we are seeing increasingly.

Wireless charging and wire free PCs are the next stage of development, in fact we are seeing the introducing of this technology now, so hot desking with your laptop is simple, but you will soon be able to do this with your lightweight desktop, and no need to dive under the desk any more to work out which plug is for your laptop or desktop PC.

With wearable devices, lightweight tablets, incredibly thin smart phones, the traditional PC is evolving, and before too long we will truly be an upwardly mobile generation of computer users. Travel and take what we need anywhere!

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