Don’t make purchasing hardware hard work

Regardless of the industry your business is in, effective computer hardware is a must have. Technology and access to the internet are now essential, and indispensable, components as companies compete in a worldwide market place.

If you are looking to upgrade your company’s desktop computers there are a number of factors you need to consider in order to ensure you get the right hardware for your business including intended use, flexibility, versatility and processing power.

Let us cover some of the basic considerations you need to look at when purchasing new hardware for your business.


Rather than considering purchasing the cheapest PC for your business, it is far better to look at the systems that meet your business needs and specifications. Within those requirements, a range of options will exist depending on brand and features.

Laptop vs Desktop

In terms of cost, you will typically get a better quality on desktop models for a given cost so take time to consider your business and your employees roles – businesses working in the design field will benefit from desktop hardware with big screens to see detail clearly, finance teams will almost certainly be office based so again desktops would be best suite, but your business may benefit from field sales teams having the flexibility of a desktop.

Networked software is much easier to set up on desktops and scheduled maintenance and updates for both software and security are easier to implement on desktop hardware too and these are additional implications that need to be considered and you will need to strike a balance between what is practical for your business.


There are several options for storage in today’s technological environment, including options to use cloud storage solutions. Regardless of the ability to store files in the cloud, you will need a certain amount of storage space on your hardware and this will determine the programmes you can install, how many files you can store locally and also how fast your computer runs to a degree. Remember, the more storage, the higher the likely price.

Processing Power

Processors determine how fast your computer loads programmes, processes data and even starts up so you must consider the speed of the processor too. Remember certain functions such as intensive graphical work will require a faster processor and higher specifications will be reflected in the price.


Take a look at the internal needs of your business and whether there are roles that depend on using graphics based programmes such as AutoCAD or Adobe Photoshop for example. These programmes will need more powerful graphics cards whereas typical email, browsing and administration functions will be adequately served by standard desktops. If costs are a consideration now and in the future, looking for an option with a built in slot for a graphics card which will give you flexibility for additional processing power when an upgrade is on the agenda.

Future-proofing your purchase

There is little point in spending valuable budget on systems that will not have adequate power, speed and storage capabilities in years to come so considering what you’ll need in the future is essential. Technology advances at an incredible rate and ideally you should look to upgrade your hardware after a maximum of 5 years. You’ll need to ensure that your hardware will be able to cope with new software requirements or upgrades over this time.

Are you covered?

With any hardware purchase there is usually a basic warranty with the option to purchase upgrades for a faster or better (or both) technical support service in the event of a problem. Different warranties cover different aspects but typically refer to hardware parts and labour. It is important to understand what is provided and to consider whether there is an additional need from your business – particularly where your business depends on your hardware and software ‘up-time’.

Let us do the hard work

7Tech specialises in the procurement of hardware and software and will work with you to establish the best options on the market for your business and budget. Our team takes time to assess and understand your business needs. We are not affiliated with any one particular supplier which means you get a truly unbiased recommendation each and every time. If you are looking to upgrade or purchase new or additional hardware then get in touch with us today on 01359 221038.

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