Artificial or just very clever technology!

At 7Tech we are known for innovation and providing our clients with the very latest technology. Part of our own research is looking at what is coming next, and what technology businesses will be experiencing and using in years to come.

Smart phones, tablets and the latest computer technology as seen the introduction of early ‘Artificial Intelligence’, i.e., the ability to recognise human speech utilising our latest look-up tools. We can even walk through airport immigration now and sophisticated image recognition technology is being used to track our movement. Self-driving cars, automated flying drones, and sophisticated algorithms which are able to anticipate the next move. We are now in an age of incredible technological advances, and how this will impact on our working environments is gradually starting to take shape.

AI allows machines to be perceptive, and make changes within an environment. Machines are now learning automatically by assimilating large volumes of information, then acting upon their findings. A human brain in the form of vast amounts of microchips.

One of the interesting advances is a computer system that not only reads facts by crawling through millions of web pages, it attempts to improve its reading and understanding competence so it can perform better, and feed-back information to us that will help us to find out information more efficiently, make informed assessments and decisions that ordinarily would have been less accurate or certainly taken a great deal of time to discover.

We are also at the dawn of an age of machines that will be capable of making decisions or performing tasks better than humans. The evidence for self-driving cars suggest there will be less accidents on the roads – less human error.

The sci-fi nightmares of the future where machines take on a super intelligence and enslave us humans may be a little way off yet, so we can at least sleep in the knowledge that we are still in control. The benefits AI technology is creating advancements in  business communications and this will continue to evolve, build efficiency and meet with how we wish to work in the future. Remote working is growing rapidly across the western world, and the future for businesses is to take full advantage by tapping into the global opportunities that provides.

7Tech specialise in all forms of technology, whether you are looking to build more powerful systems to cater for a growing business, or expanding your horizons with cloud based opportunities.

Talk to our team how we can help your business or organisation become more efficient in your everyday working environment!

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