The boss is droning on about efficiency!

Undoubtedly the term 'drone' is commonly used nowadays, and drones are becoming increasing popular as a fun way to spend the weekends. Drones are also used regularly in aerial photography, and some quite outstanding footage of active volcano's and landscape have been filmed with the use of drones dangling HD cameras to capture the sights.

The Japanese are well-known for exploring some quite incredible technology, with holographic receptionists greeting you at the door, to the more serious application of software to run complete factories with very little human interaction.

Drones in the office however we believe is a little too early, or before its time. Maybe this video will confirm our thoughts, or you may be inclined to go out and purchase a new team of drones to make sure those hard working staff are well catered for.

I think we shall leave this use of tech off of our recommendation list!

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