A Successful Cisco Partnership

We wanted to share the following message from Cisco Systems Inc. and how we supported them and their client Dechert LLP...

I hope this finds you well! I wanted to share with you my experiences working with Kelly Bain. I am the Cisco Select Account Manager for Dechert LLP in the US. The firm has multiple locations outside of the US which also use Cisco infrastructure and other equipment. In 2015, we had a need to refresh most of the Non-US offices for Dechert LLP. The IT manager had some limited experience with 7Tech and Kelly, typically for refreshes we would use a larger Non-US partner to fulfill. However the Dechert manager has been displeased with the other partner and was willing to engage with 7Tech. Considering all the design and configurations are done in the US by my team and I am the one engaging with the Non-US partner was very apprehensive with engaging with a new partner overall.

I reached out to Kelly via email and immediately was responded to. We scheduled a WebEx call to discuss the trial office of London and the configuration. To my pleasure Kelly was incredibly helpful and amiable to cooperating and going above and beyond to lend assistance and support. Kelly responded and collaborated with me, the UK rep and distribution for pricing and what was needed to send a quote over in a very timely manner. Since London was such a success, Dechert and Cisco had the confidence to continue with all the NON-US refreshes. That represented 7 countries with nearly $750K in US dollars.

Kelly is a tremendous asset and has shown great value to the support of the customer and the US Cisco team. IT’s not often we have partners regardless of their location so dedicated and on top of the process as Kelly!

Thank you so much and I look to truly continue to grow the partnership. As a matter of fact if any of my other customers need servicing outside of the US I’m recommending 7Tech and Kelly Bain.

Many thanks,

Sandy Mellon
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Select Account Manager

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