The right touch for a meeting room!

The Challenge

For nearly 10 years we’ve operated as an IT specialist reseller providing flexible networking solutions to a mix of SME’s and large blue chip organisations. Over the years our experience has taught us that one size truly doesn’t fit all, and that every business and project requires a unique approach, which is why when needed we call upon our industry partners to assist with project specifications and detailed scope of works.

One of our larger corporate clients came to us with a convergence project requiring a complex AV and networking solution to utilise touchscreen and wireless technologies within a meeting room environment for presentations and video conferencing.

Fortunately for us one of our trusted distribution partner are extremely proficient in convergence technologies, and agreed to assist with the first client meeting to fulfil the perfect meeting room solution.

Their Solution

The core feature for the customer was for the ability to wirelessly access the technology via the business network with a simple login procedure for when colleagues needed to use the space. With the business server infrastructure utilising Microsoft Lync, the technologies chosen would need to be capable of easy integration.

The Partners knowledge of leading technologies married multi-vendor components to create a simple and innovative solution for our customer.

Installation of the 84” Triumph Board LED/LCD touchscreen with built-in Quad Core i5 PC for wireless operability and associated software (Displaynote, Easy Meeting, Triumph Board Office Suite), ensured users of the meeting room could easily access the presentation element.

To develop the flexibility of the presentation capability further, recommendations of a wireless presentation gateway WIPG1000 was included which allows up to 64 consecutive participants.

With the presentation requirement achieved, it was agreed to include the Revolabs Flex2 Wireless Conferencing System which integrated seamlessly into the existing Microsoft Lync framework for both audio and video conferencing.

Our Outcome

The partners expertise shone during this project as they created the perfect meeting room solution for our client by utilising convergence technologies.

Through this collaboration we stay one step ahead of the competition.

Though bringing in the right expertise for the requirement we’ve cemented the relationship between ourselves and our client on this project and went further by providing them with professional services to install the project, train their staff and provide a fully tailored SLA to guarantee continued maintenance cover.

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