Citrix HDX Tech.

Citrix HDX virtualisation technology is perfectly designed to solve the issues around mobile working environments or deployment of information across multiple branches using Xen5.

Managing multiple offices can be a complex process from integrating desktop environments and patching through information. Xen5 provides a virtualisation environment for businesses, that saves time, reduces costs and enables businesses to expand efficiently.

The technology also allows for a greater level of mobile working, with teams able to collaborate across virtual networks. All desktops can be managed from one central data centre, which also helps in regards to software updates, and changes to software infrastructure. Instead of deploying right across multiple offices individually, the changes and updates are centrally controlled.

The management of resources utilising this technology is purely around making sure a company has those resources for multiple offices or branches within the data centre. The ability to extend the virtual desktop to literally hundreds of offices, and manage this from one location is certainly going to be technology that will grow within the business environment and appeal to many organisations with satellite offices.

This will of course cut down the spend on manpower when it comes to expanding an operation and opening up branch or home office environments. Plug in the PC, connect to the network and everything is in place for you to start work.


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